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Let’s face it, no one likes getting a new passport photo. There are so many requirements to remember and the thought of having your important document rejected because of a minor technicality you missed is just oh-so-painful. (Not to mention the horrors of your passport photo for the next ten years looking more like a mugshot.)

That’s where the team at Camera House come in. We know the intricacies of passport and ID photos inside out, so you can get a compliant photo in just a few minutes. Plus our friendly and skilled photographers will ensure you are comfortable and at ease, as well as using the right backdrops and good light so you end up with a photo that doesn’t just tick the boxes, but also makes you look like, well, YOU.

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We can process pictures for:

  • Australian passports

  • Canadian passports

  • Chinese passports

  • Egyptian passports

  • European Union passports

  • Fijian passports

  • German passports

  • Greek passports

  • Hong Kong passports

  • Indian passports

  • Irish passports

  • Italian passports

  • Japanese passports

  • Malaysian passports

  • Philippine passports

  • New Zealand passports

  • Scottish passports

  • South African passports

  • UK passports

  • American passports

  • and many more!

Australian passports

Get your ID photos with Camera House

Getting new passport and ID photos at Camera House is easy. For most stores, walk-ins are fine and we can help you without an appointment. Simply turn up looking your best! If you’d prefer to make an appointment, feel free to contact your nearest Camera House store. Camera House also offers passport and visa photos for children and babies. On the day of your new passport photo, our friendly team member will ask what country you need a passport or visa photo for and cross-check the technical specifications. We’ll then get you comfortable and take your picture. Once you check your photo and confirm you are happy with it, we’ll print or email the passport photos for you. Additional photos are available upon request.We can also help you with ID photos, international drivers licences, taxi and bus licences, sporting IDs, Work Cover, forklift licences, membership cards and student IDs

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